Rail House Pub & Grill

401 Oak St.

Brookings, OR 97145

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(541) 412-5622

Friday - Tuesday  11:00am - 9:00pm

Menu - * Carry Out is Available *



Tator Tots w/house made cheese sauce    $8


Deep Fried Macaroni & Cheese Balls    $8


• 5 hand battered mac & cheese balls, made from scratch,

fried to a golden brown, & topped w/ house made Cheese Sauce,

Parmesan & Parsley


Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Jalapeños    $8


• 4 fresh jalapeños hand stuffed w/smoked Gouda,

cream cheese, wrapped in bacon, grilled over an open flame

(Spice level varies per pepper, may be hot!)


Hand tossed garlic fries    $9


• Crispy pub fries tossed in house made garlic butter

minced garlic, Parmesan & parsley


Battered Onion Ring Basket    $9


Battered Deep Fried Green Beans w/house made Chipotle Aioli    $9


Battered Deep Fried Mushrooms w/house made Ranch    $9


Loaded Fries or Loaded Tots    $12


• Smothered in house made Cheese Sauce, Cheddar,

Onions, tomatoes, jalapeños, & bacon


• Add Grilled or Breaded Chicken $3.50

• Add 1/3 lb. BBQ Pulled Pork for $4.50


Breaded Chicken Strips    $13


• 4 Breaded chicken strips served w/pub fries,

& choice of house made Ranch or BBQ sauce


Rail House Wings:    6 for $9 or 12 for $16


• Deep Fried Breaded Bone-In Chicken wings


Served w/ your choice of Flavor:

∙ Buffalo∙BBQ or Spicy BBQ ∙ Zesty Dry Rub ∙ Thai ∙ Parmesan Garlic





DRESSINGS: Ranch, Fire Ranch, Italian, Blue Cheese, Thousand Island,

Balsamic Vinaigrette

($0.50 cent charge for extra dressing)


House Salad    $9


• Fresh mixed greens topped w/tomatoes, onions,

carrots, & croutons

• Add Grilled or Breaded Chicken for $3.50

• Add shredded Cheddar, or Pepper-jack Cheese $1

• add Bacon for $1.50


Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad    $14


• Chopped Romaine tossed in creamy Caesar dressing,

topped w/ Grilled Chicken, shredded Parmesan & crunchy croutons

(Sub Crispy chicken at no cost)

• Add Bacon for $1.50


Salmon Caesar Salad (served w/ Garlic toast)    $17


• Chopped Romaine lettuce tossed in

Creamy Caesar dressing,

topped w/ Grilled or Blackened Salmon,

shredded Parmesan & crunchy croutons


The Station Master    $14


• Bed of fresh greens topped w/ BBQ glaze drizzle,

Breaded Chicken, shredded Cheddar Cheese,

bacon, tomatoes & red onions


The Notch 8    $14


• Bed of fresh greens topped w/ Grilled Chicken Breast,

dried cranberries, red onions, bacon, crunchy croutons,

crumbled Blue Cheese, w/ your choice of dressing


Conductor’s Catch    $18


• Grilled or Blackened Salmon atop a bed of fresh greens,

topped w/ Blue Cheese crumbles, dried cranberries, red onion,

   Served w/ Garlic Toast (Pairs well w/ Balsamic Vinaigrette)


House Made Soups


• Clam Chowder (Daily)                                                   Cup: $6 / Bowl $8

• House made Soup of the day (Seasonal)                   Cup: $5 / Bowl $7


 ◊ Soup & Salad


• Our House salad served with:

•  bowl of house made soup    $14

•  bowl of house made Clam Chowder    $16


Side Salad (Fresh greens, tomatoes, onions, & carrots)    $4


Side Caesar Salad    $5



            100% all beef, hand pressed patties, grilled to perfection on an open flame served w/ Fries:

Upgrade to Garlic Fries or Tots $1, Garlic Tots $2, Onion Rings $2, Loaded Fries $2, Loaded Tots $3, OR upgrade to a cup of soup for for $2, OR side salad for $ OR, side Caesar for $1.50.

Sub Gluten Free Bread $2. Exchange any burger to a veggie patty for $2.


American Railer W/ Cheese    $12


(Choose from American, Cheddar, Swiss, Provolone, Gouda or Pepper-jack,

                   Or choose blue cheese crumbles for an additional $1.00)


• 1/3 lb. Cheeseburger w/ lettuce, tomatoes,

red onion & house made 1000 Island, add Bacon $2.00


Rail Jumper    $12


• 1/3 lb. burger topped w/ house made Garlic Aioli,

melted Swiss Cheese, sautéed mushrooms & red onion


Mushroom Bacon Gouda Burger    $14


• 1/3 lb. burger topped w/ house made Chipotle Aioli,

Bacon, sautéed mushrooms, & smoked gouda


The Locomotive    $14


• 1/3 lb. burger w/house made fire ranch sauce,

pepperjack, fresh jalapenos, bacon,

lettuce, tomato & red onion


Blue Caboose    $14


• 1/3 lb. burger topped w/ crumbled Blue Cheese,

 garlic aioli, bacon, lettuce, tomato, & red onion


Aloha Burger    $14


• 1/3 lb. burger topped w/ grilled pineapple, BBQ sauce,

       bacon, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, red Onions


The Stage Coach    $14


• 1/3 lb. burger topped w/Crispy Onion Rings,

BBQ sauce, bacon, & american cheese


Patty Melt    $14


• 1/3 lb. burger on toasted rye w/ grilled onion,

Swiss Cheese, & house made 1000 Island


Breakfast Burger    $15


• 1/3 lb. burger topped w/ american Cheese,

bacon, crispy tator Tots, fried egg,

& house made garlic aioli


Twin Tracks    $15


• Two 1/3 lb. patties, w/2 bacon slices, 2 slices of American,

1000 island, lettuce, tomatoes, & red onion, on a toasted Hoagie



*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs,

may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

 Please inform your server of any food allergens you may possess, including Gluten intolerance.

Some menu items may include gluten as an ingredient including fries, tots, and other menu items.





served w/ fries, or upgrade to garlic fries $1, or Tots $,

or garlic tots $2, or onion rings $2, or loaded fries $2,

or cup of soup for $2, or side salad $1, or side Caesar $1.50.



Cheese melt panini    $11


• Double cheddar, provolone, smoked gouda

w/ house made garlic aioli

• Add bacon $2

• Add grilled or breaded chicken $3.50


Spinach Panini    $11


•   grilled chicken breast, Provolone Cheese, & Spinach,

  w/house made garlic aioli, add bacon for $2


Whistle Post Panini    $11


• Bacon, fresh jalapenos, smoked gouda,

cheddar cheese, & house made fire ranch

• Add grilled or breaded Chicken for $3.50


Ham & Bacon Melt    $12


• Hand sliced ham, bacon, cheddar cheese,

smoked gouda, & house made garlic aioli


Chipotle Turkey Melt    $12


• Hand sliced turkey breast, bacon, cheddar cheese,

smoked gouda, & house made chipotle aioli


Train Stopper    $12


• Grilled chicken breast, smoked gouda, bacon,

      mushrooms & red onions, & house made garlic aioli


Mac -N- Cheese Melt    $13


• House made Mac-n-Cheese w/ smoked gouda,

cheddar, bacon, & house made chipotle aioli

• Add Grilled or Breaded Chicken for $3.50

• Add BBQ pulled pork for $4.50


Roast Beef Express    $13


• Hand sliced roast beef, house made garlic aioli,

Steamy onion & melty cheddar cheese,

Served w/ a side of au jus for dipping



        All paninis served on toasted sourdough,

            Substitute gluten free bread for $2



Served w/ Fries, or Upgrade to Garlic Fries $1, or Tots $1, or Garlic Tots $2, Onion Rings $2,

 Loaded Fries $2, or Loaded Tots $3 or upgrade to a cup of soup for $2

or upgrade to a side salad for $1, or side Caesar $1.50. Sub Gluten Free Bread $2.


Engineer’s Classic BLT on toasted sourdough, add avocado $2.00    $11


Grilled Hawaiian    $12


• toasted sourdough, w/ham, swiss, pineapple, onion, & BBQ sauce


Pineapple Express    $13


• grilled chicken w/pineapple, bacon, BBQ sauce,

swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, & onions on a brioche bun


Chicken Bacon Ranch   $13


• breaded chicken strips w/ bacon, american cheese,

house made ranch, lettuce, tomatoes, & onions on a brioche bun


BBQ Pulled Pork    $13


• hand shredded pulled pork topped w/tangy BBQ sauce,

swiss cheese, red onions & pickles, served on a brioche bun


Side Track    $13


• breaded chicken w/house made chipotle aioli, cheddar

bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, & jalapeno on a toasted hoagie


Hot Pastrami on a toasted hoagie w/ pickles, yellow mustard, & swiss    $13


Rail House Reuben on Rye    $13


• hand sliced pastrami on toasted rye topped w/ house made

1000 island, swiss & steamy kraut


Turkey Bacon Club    $14


• hand sliced turkey on sourdough w/ bacon, cheddar cheese,

mayo, lettuce & tomatoes


Spicy Chicken Philly    $14


• marinated grilled chicken on a french roll  w/ grilled

onions & bell peppers, house made fire ranch & pepperjack


Rail House Philly    $14


• tender sliced roast beef, on a french roll w/grilled

onions & bell peppers, provolone & house made garlic aioli


French Dip Deluxe w/au jus    $14


• hand sliced roast beef on a french roll

grilled mushrooms, onions, swiss & garlic aioli 


Breaded Pork Tenderloin    $15


(made from scratch w/grandma Alice’s classic Indiana recipe but w/a twist)


• hand battered pork tenderloin, fried to a golden crisp, topped

w/garlic aioli, lettuce, tomato, onion & pickles on a brioche bun




Served w/ fries or upgrade to garlic fries $1, or tots $1, or garlic tots $2, onion rings $2, loaded fries $2, loaded tots $3, or upgrade to a cup of soup for $2, or upgrade to a side salad for $1,or side caesar $1.50


Fish -N- Chips    $16


• 3 hand battered cod served w/ fries, house made

cilantro lime slaw & house made tartar sauce


Filet Sandwich    $16


• hand battered Cod on a soft toasted hoagie,

w/american Cheese, house made tartar sauce, lettuce & pickles


Salmon Plate    $18


• grilled or blackened salmon

served w/ garlic toast & your choice of side salad or fries

Kids meals, served w/ fries & a small drink $8

(children 12 & under)


• plain cheeseburger (add lettuce, tomato, & onion for $1)


• grilled cheese sandwich w/american cheese


• chicken strip basket (w/2 chicken strips)


• fish filet basket



• Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, Lemonade    $3

• Fresh brewed iced tea   $3

• Coffee or Hot Tea   $3





• 16 oz. Root Beer Float    $7


• Vanilla Ice Cream Sundae w/ Chocolate or Caramel Drizzle,     $7

Whip Cream & Cherry

From all of us at The Railhouse Pub & Grill, Brookings, OR:

Thank you for your patronage & support,

 We look forward to serving you again soon!

“See ya at The Railhouse”

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